Enjoy & Respect

One of the biggest challenges Amsterdam and thus their Marketing agency Iamsterdam encounters in Amsterdam, is the city’s popularity amongst man between 18-34 coming from the surrounding provinces in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Their interest in the city is more than welcome, however their disrespectful behavior and disturbance in the city centre causes a lot of problems. Wavemaker was challenged to create an impactful theme campaign, creating awareness within this target audience, on how the can enjoy the freedom of the city, whilst still respecting it.


Create brand love content around Mother’s Day

Every year for Mother’s Day, the best art pieces are created. In this kids version of our ‘Aandacht Maakt Alles Mooier’ commercial (the original IKEA commercials), we follow one kid in their creation process for the ultimate Mother’s Day homemade gift. With the video, we create a twinkle in the eye contrast between the seriousness of the commercial and the adorable (casted) kid. Loveable content that fits the mothers in our target audience. So fitting, IKEA put the video on TV for the Mother’s day weekend.



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Desire is one of the strongest motivations for consumers. Through the use of data and creativity we help brands recognize and stimulate this desire. From there we create content and choose the right approach that will work best across all digital and social channels. That’s why we create communication that is designed to be desired.

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