I amsterdam – Enjoy & Respect


One of the biggest challenges Amsterdam and thus their Marketing agency Iamsterdam encounters in Amsterdam, is the city’s popularity amongst man between 18-34 coming from the surrounding provinces in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Their interest in the city is more than welcome, however their disrespectful behavior and disturbance in the city centre causes a lot of problems. Wavemakerwas challenged to create an impactful theme campaign, creating awareness within this target audience, on how the can enjoy the freedom of the city, whilst still respecting it.


The target audience is a very clear one, every weekend there is a new group, with the same purpose to party and have as much fun as possible. We know that telling this group what they can and cannot do will create a counter effective. Furthermore, once they are in the centre we are basically too late.

In addition, they value their money and prefer to spend it on booze and banter rather than anything else. What if we could combine these insights and make a very simplistic but highly effect message, a message we would can specifically target to these young men on their orientation and journey to Amsterdam, plus geo-targeted once they are in Amsterdam centre via Facebook and Instagram.