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L’Oréal continues 5 Years of collabration with Wavemaker across the Nordic countries


L’Oréal re-selects Wavemaker as their Nordic partner for the development, implementation and purchase of media, content and technology for L’Oréal’s entire brand portfolio.

“Ecommerce, content, and data are the key growth drivers enabling us to meet our objectives in the coming years. We need a partner with the expertise, practical experience, and the network that can take L’Oréal to the next level on this growth journey.”, says Nordic CMO Nick Buckley. “We already knew the quality and passion of the amazing team we work with every day at Wavemaker, however throughout the process they also managed to excite us further with new angles, new ideas and brought new partners to the table. It was very refreshing and we are very pleased with the result. ”

The partnership between L’Orèal and Wavemaker has evolved dramatically over the last five years, from when the agency was first assigned as AOR in the Nordics, to today, where the task is moving to a very high degree in digitalization, technology, algorithms and machine learning combined with a thorough understanding of L’Oréal’s business – areas where Wavemaker is at home.

And if you ask Wavemaker’s Danish CEO, Kristian Baek-Mikkelsen, this development has happened through a deeply integrated collaboration between L’Oréal’s team and Wavemaker’s team. A collaboration that has meant that the distinction between the two businesses in everyday life is blurring.

“L’Orèal is a fantastic partner to work and develop with and fits us well in Wavemaker. Very few clients have so many exciting marketing challenges that you as an agency are allowed to spread your wings over and where you are required to play on the entire range of competencies. This also means that through this collaboration we have designed a highly versatile team with both the right personal and professional skills to solve the tasks at hand. We look forward to the next five years”, says Kristian Baek-Mikkelsen, CEO Wavemaker.

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