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Wavemaker Canada offers the power of enhanced social listening and analysis with Wavemaker Listens


Wavemaker Canada has just launched Wavemaker Listens – a listening and analytics service to help our clients understand their audiences and consumer conversations.

Wavemaker Listens is a real-time solution that helps to discover, research and understand audiences, brands and competitors in the social space. By turning these social signals into actionable insights, the service can help brands to find emerging trends and play into key conversations ahead of their competitors. Our clients can now react and respond to their audiences but still connect with them in a relevant way.

“It’s never been more important to hear, analyze and respond to our customer’s sentiments. Wavemaker Listens will give our partners the speed and agility they need to react to new media and shopping habits, and keep on top of evolving consumer priorities and expectations.”

Wavemaker Canada’s CEO Kristie Painting

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