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Wavemaker x AdWeek NY 2020


Our Key 2020 Takeaway: It’s business as unusual

The ad industry’s rapid pace of change has been further accelerated by the events of 2020. As Yonca Dervisoglu, Chief Marketing Officer, Google EMEA, explained, “Pandemics don’t change things, but they do accelerate shifts that were already underway.” Consumers expect more from brands than ever before. According to Verizon Media, 83% of consumers now look for brands to connect people.

Frankly, we should expect more from ourselves.

It’s ok to be apprehensive. Epic change brings with it much uncertainty and many questions. The change afoot also makes us excited and, dare we say, optimistic about our chance to make tangible change and move forward to a stronger, safer future.

Nadine Heggie, Vice President, Brand Partnerships, National Geographic, Europe & Africa (The Walt Disney Company) explained that the impact of the pandemic is “a reminder that natural human behavior means that we often need a catalyst to shock us into changing our behaviors. History also shows that moments of mass crisis are followed by significant positive shifts in long-term behavior that break the creature of habit mentality.”

As consumer (and human) behavior begins to scab or scar as a result of the pandemic and trends already unfolding pre-pandemic, we embrace the future with optimism and the commitment to understanding – and responding to – these behavior and habit changes.

Wavemaker’s key themes from #AW2020

  1. Reimagining & Rebuilding
    Changing the way we work for ourselves & our consumers
  2. Diversity & Inclusion
    From movement to mindset
  3. Power of Purpose
    Inspiring through action
  4. The Age of Anxiety
    An awakening of Health & Wellness


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